Curb appeal in the Lavallette NJ Real Estate Market

Lavallette real estate, Lavallette vacation home front door shown with neatly manicured landscapeCurb appeal is a term that is talked about often in real estate blogs and articles.  What is curb appeal and why is it important?  Curb appeal is basically a potential buyers first impression of your home.  Standing on the curb, looking at the home, being able to notice the beauty and charm of the home before even stepping inside.  Not only should it draw attention to the home, but it should peak someone’s interest as to what is inside the home as well.  Whether your home is for sale, for rent, or you just want to spruce up your home, there are a few simple things you can do.

Bring it to life – While many seaside homes have stone in their yard instead of grass, that is no excuse to have a barren landscape.  Window boxes and planters are simple ways to bring life, color, texture, and interest to the outside of your home.  It is easy to update a planter with the seasons and even place decorations in them for the winter.  If you have a tight walkway that may not have room for a planter, consider a hanging planter instead.  If you do have a lawn, take good care of it.  A lawn can be a lot of work if you let simple things slip, but with some easy maintenance, it is not so overwhelming.  However, if you’ve given it a shot and you just don’t have a green thumb or don’t have the time to commit to it, hire a landscaping company to do it for you.  A messy lawn can be a real turn off for a potential buyer or renter.

Give it a welcoming personality – Nobody wants to have a home with no personality.  You want your home to stand out, to have character, to be different than the neighbors.  Outdoor accessories are a quick, inexpensive way to achieve some individuality.  Choose a striking welcome mat, customize your house numbers, and freshen up your shutters.  Pay attention to the small details and add some distinct accents that people will remember.  Be careful not to go overboard though, sometimes less is more.  Draw people in with an eye-catching front door color.  Gone are the days where everyone’s front door is white.  Your front door and shutters are a good place to experiment with color easily.  They don’t always have to match, so think outside the box when selecting color.  Also, think about updating the door hardware.  Sometimes the littlest change can have a big impact.  When a neighborhood real estate market is flooded with homes, you want yours to stand out and be one that people remember.

Keep it clean – Whether it is keeping hedges trimmed or sweeping leaves off the walk way, give the same level of attention to the outside of your home as you do to the inside.  The interior of your home could be immaculate and beautiful, but if the outside looks like a haunted house, not one person will want to go inside.  Clean your gutters, keep the walkways clear, and clean the exterior of the home when necessary.

With the real estate market in Lavallette NJ flooded with homes, get yours to stand out

Lavallette real estate can be a tricky thing.  There are a lot of homes for sale and for rent and the last thing you want to do is fit in.  You don’t want your home to be another non-descript home on the tour.  An agent can give you some different ideas on curb appeal and getting your home to stand out in the Lavallette real estate market.

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