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Wayne NJ dog groomer, Sheltie show with paddle dog brush

Taking care of your dog entails more than just food, shelter, and love.  You have to care for their physical traits too.  They need their teeth brushed, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, and a good coat brushing often. There are many different types of brushes for dogs, just like there are different brushes for different types of human hair.  Wayne NJ dog groomer tells us using the appropriate brush for your dog’s fur not only helps keep their skin and coat clean and looking great, it makes the task of brushing your dog more enjoyable for them.

Wayne NJ dog groomers say different brushes are more suited for certain types of fur than others

A slicker brush is a flat paddle brush covered with closely spaced wire bristles.  These brushes are very helpful in preventing and removing mats on medium to long coats and curly coated breeds.  It is important to use gentle pressure when using a slicker brush because the surface of the brush is relatively sharp and using too heavy a hand while brushing can be uncomfortable and even painful for your dog.  If you have a dog that you feel would benefit from using a slicker brush make sure you choose one with a flexible handle.  This will help reduce the discomfort that could be caused by too much pressure while brushing.

For dense coated dogs or dogs with an under or double coat like a German Shepherd, a rake brush is the most useful.  These brushes have pins lined up horizontally that are meant to break through thick coats to remove dead fur close to the skin and untangle the coat.  These brushes do a great job of removing those big tufts of dead fur during shedding seasons and require little pressure or effort.  When purchasing a rake brush, make sure the length of the pins on the brush are similar to the length of your dog’s coat so you ensure the rake is able to get to the fur close to the skin, but not too long to actually scrape the skin.

For dogs with very short coats that lack an under coat, a bristle brush works just fine.  Tightly compacted bristles covering the entire head of the brush allow you to free dirt and dead fur from your dog’s coat without causing any pain and actually stimulating the skin.  Most short haired dogs don’t suffer from tangles or matts so any other type of brush is overkill and may cause discomfort when used on a short haired or thin coated dog.

While routinely brushing your dog at home helps keep their coat clean and tangle-free, you still can’t beat a nice trip to your trusted Wayne NJ dog groomer for a good grooming

Groomers have all the tools and accessories necessary to give your dog exactly what it needs.  They can detangle and dematt and make sure it all gets done properly and fully in a way that won’t cause your dog any discomfort.  If you are unsure of which type of dog brush is right for your dog, check with a Wayne NJ dog groomer for their recommendation.

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