Lush healthy lawn that is free of weeds after being treated with Fiesta Weed Killer

Fiesta Weed Killer is Safe for Lawns

The trouble with some weed control products is that they are too effective. By this, we mean that these chemicals kill everything they touch. While effective at killing weeds, it is not ideal for lawns, shrubs, trees, and gardens. Plus, products like this are also toxic to people, pets, and beneficial insects. Thankfully, homeowners and turf care specialists alike are more aware at how harmful these products are to the environment and are utilizing better options. Organic gardening product lines have expanded greatly in the past decade giving anyone wishing to take better care of their lawn many more choices. Fiesta Weed Killer is one of these products that is gaining popularity in the eco-friendly lawncare industry. This weed killer is not only effective, it is safe for lawns. In lawn care, this is a dream combination.

Fiesta Weed Killer Hits It’s Target

Patch of dandelion and weeds that need to be treated with Fiesta weed control

Many weed killers do a great job of killing weeds. The trouble is that they do too good of a job and can negatively affect the turf and plant life around the weed. For hardscaping, knockdown products are great. However, even then, the run off from the product can kill lawns and the biome that lives in it. For broadleaf weeds that grow in a lawn, this is not a great option. Fiesta weed killer is here to save the day. Targeted weeds include plantain, thistle, buttercup, clover, moss, and algae. Although it kills a whole lot more, what it doesn’t hurt is your seeding plans, your kids, your pets, and your lawn. Regardless of if it’s used as a spot treatment or used in a broadcast sprayer, Fiesta hits its target every time.

Other Features of Fiesta

In addition to being non-harmful to lawns, Fiesta has many other benefits. For one, it is rainfast within three hours. As long as you can ensure enough time for the product to dry, you don’t have to worry about the weather. Plus, it won’t disrupt seeding. Simply wait at least 24-hours before seeding after using Fiesta, but other than that there are no restrictions. In some environments, winters aren’t that harsh which means weeds may arrive early in the season. Luckily for those that want to use Fiesta, it can be used in cool weather. To top it all off, Fiesta weed killer works fast. Users report seeing results in just hours. So, for an ecologically friendly alternative to toxic chemical herbicides that doesn’t kill your lawn, check out Fiesta weed killer.      

Lawns are Safe with Fiesta Weed Killer

It’s hard to understand how lawns remain unharmed when Fiesta weed killer is so effective at killing weeds. The key is the active ingredient. Fiesta is 26.52% Iron HEDTA. This chelated iron stays put once applied and doesn’t evaporate. It also is more readily absorbed by broadleaf weeds. These two crucial characteristics are what makes Fiesta so deadly to weeds and largely non-harmful to turf. Because the weeds take up the iron more quickly than grasses, the negative effects are more potent. The oxidation of the iron dehydrates and kills weeds within hours of application. Although some grasses may show a dark color after broadcast spraying, most return to a normal color in a few days. The biggest drawback is that products like Fiesta are not systemic and only kill the weeds it touches so repeated applications are recommended. That being said, when used as directed, Fiesta works.

Fiesta Weed Killer is Safe for Lawns

Perhaps it is more accurate if we say that Fiesta is safe. Lawns remain unaffected with it’s use, but other things are safe around Fiesta too. People, for one, can safely re-enter a treated area as soon as the product dries. Plus, there is no toxic odors or fumes so there is no need to evacuate the area at all. Pets are also fine to be on a lawn treated with Fiesta weed killer as long as the product is dry. Being an iron-based weed control product also means that Fiesta is considered safe for wildlife and beneficial garden insects too. In conclusion, when Fiesta weed killer is used as directed, it is only dangerous to the weeds it targets.

Lush healthy lawn that is free of weeds after being treated with Fiesta Weed Killer

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