How to clean vinyl siding in Barnegat NJ

As far as siding materials go, vinyl siding is relatively easy to care for.  It is very sturdy, resilient, easy to clean, and does not require much maintenance care at all.  That being said, sometimes vinyl siding can get dirty and no one wants a dingy house.  When the siding on your home gets dirty or moldy, it greatly decreases your curb appeal and makes your house look unkempt.  Luckily for everyone who chose vinyl for the siding on their home, the cleaning process can be easy to do yourself, but you can also contact a Barnegat siding contractor to give you a hand as well.

Barnegat siding, Cleaning moldy Barnegat sidingBefore you begin, clean the area of any furniture, toys, or garden décor so that you don’t trip over them while you are working.  Always protect your hands by wearing rubber gloves, protect your eyes with safety goggles, and wear a face mask so you do not inhale any dangerous fumes.  Wear comfortable clothes, closed toe shoes, and have a spotter if using a ladder.  Make sure all the windows of your home are closed so you don’t make a bigger mess inside!  For items that cannot be removed from the area, you can cover everything with a tarp to protect it.

Depending on the level of dirt that you are attempting to clean off of your vinyl siding, there are different solutions that work best for each situation.  For spot cleaning areas that are lightly covered in mold and/or mildew, dilute some vinegar with water in a 30 to 70 mixture.  For a stronger solution, use one quarter gallon of bleach mixed with one full gallon of water.  Add one-third cup powdered laundry detergent along with two-thirds cup powdered everyday cleaner.

If you are washing a section of your house where the cleaner may rinse off into a garden or other landscape, you can use one cup of oxygen bleach in one gallon of water.  At this ration, the bleach will not damage any greenery it comes in contact with.  To spot clean a difficult stain from something like paint, use a non-abrasive cleaner and a soft sponge.

Some people may lean towards using a power washer to clean their vinyl siding.  It is ok to use a power washer, but you must be careful with its use.  You need to be attentive the whole time you are using a pressure washer that the stream of water is aimed directly at the siding and not at an upward angle so that you do not get water behind the siding that may cause structural damage to your home.  Also, use care around windows so you don’t break anything, and around openings like doors so that you do not get water inside your home.

When cleaning vinyl siding no matter the size of the area or the difficulty, start at the bottom to avoid streaks, cleaning each lap thoroughly ensuring to rinse all cleaner off completely.  Move up section by section, rinsing fully as you go.  Use only a soft cloth, sponge, or long handled soft bristled brush.  Some things to avoid while cleaning your vinyl siding are abrasive cleaners or tools.  Never use nail polish remover, furniture polish, liquid grease remover, or undiluted bleach.  These cleaners will damage the siding.  As for cleaning utensils, stay away from steel wool or other course items as they can scratch the vinyl and cause major impairments to the surface of the vinyl siding that cannot be repaired.

Cleaning your vinyl siding can be a relatively easy project as long as it was installed properly by a Barnegat siding contractor.

If you are unable to do any of this yourself, contact a Barnegat siding professional.  If there are any sections of your siding that was not installed appropriately, washing your siding could be a major headache because the siding may not be able to protect your home as is its intended purpose and allow water under the slats.

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