For Whiter Teeth, Go Light On These Food And Drinks

We all want to have brighter, whiter teeth. When you visit your Manahawkin dentist office, that’s one of the things you’re looking for: a nicer smile!

That’s no surprise. Our smile is the first thing people notice. It’s an important part of our demeanor and our confidence in ourselves. Don’t underestimate how important your smile it!

You can have your teeth whitened, of course – ask your dentist in Manahawkin for details – but an even better option is to not do anything that will stain your teeth in the first place.

That begins with avoiding these foods and drinks:

Cola – You already know that soda is bad for your teeth! We’ve all learned that since childhood. The sugar in soda will rot your teeth and give you cavities. Beyond that, cola can also stain your teeth. Too much soda over the years, especially cola, and your white teeth won’t be so white anymore.

Red Wine – Everyone loves red wine, but it can wreak havoc with your teeth coloring. This acidic drink stains easily and can leave lasting discoloration on your pearly whites. Indulge, but brush soon after!

Blueberries – Blueberries are very healthy, high in antioxidants, and overall a good part of your diet – but they are terrible for your teeth! Blueberries are high in tooth-staining compounds that can do harm to the whiteness of your teeth if you don’t brush. This is why they were historically used in dyes.

Coffee – Sorry, but it’s true! As much as you don’t want to hear it, coffee is a major culprit in staining your teeth. This acidic morning drink can turn your white teeth shades of brown that will take a good Manahawkin dentist to whiten.

Tea – Nope, switching from coffee to tea won’t help you avoid tooth staining. Tea is just as aggressive on your teeth as coffee. Tea is high in tannins and rather acidic, which means a lot of tea in your diet is not great for your tea. Thankfully, drinking green, white or herbal teas is much better than black tea.

Tomato Sauce – Yep, it’s true. Your favorite red sauce has qualities that can contribute to stained teeth. This is because tomatoes are acidic and have a deep red color. By all means, eat them – they are healthy! – just remember to brush afterward!

And remember, while most of these foods and beverages aren’t good for keeping your teeth nice and white, most of them (except the soda) are still part of a good, healthy diet. So don’t be shy about eating and drinking them, just be sure to take good care of your mouth after you are done.

If you’ve already had some teeth staining and would like whiter teeth, call your Manahawkin dentist and ask them about teeth whitening procedures. You’ll be surprised at how affordable and effective they can be!

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