9 Tips, Tricks And Secrets Hotel Staff Won’t Tell You

Staying in a Beach Haven hotel can be a fantastic experience. You’re on beautiful Long Beach Island, you’re near the beach, the community is wonderful, the sun is shining.

But there are a few things Beach Haven hotels won’t tell you. Not because they are trying to deceive you, but because the hotel industry is an off place sometimes with quirks that many people don’t know about.

Read these tips, though, and you’ll have a leg up on other patrons that just might get you a better experience.

  1. The receptionist isn’t always telling you the truth about things like when the elevator is going to be fixed – but it’s not their fault. The hotel manager forces them to push these stories because they don’t want the hotel to look bad but they also don’t want to pay weekend repair rates.
  2. Hotels pay a commission to online booking sites, and that commission can be upwards of 30 percent. You know what that means? If you see a price you like on a third party site, call the hotel directly and ask them for the same price plus a 20 percent discount. The hotel will actually make MORE money that way, and you’ll save a significant amount.
  3. If you want an upgrade, don’t ask for one directly, and don’t do it where other patrons can hear. Instead, request a corner room. The hotel staff will know what you mean, and if one is available they may reward your couth by agreeing to upgrade you.
  4. Beach Haven hotels do not have hourly rates. Certainly no hotel you’d actually want to stay in!
  5. Receptionists will help you in many ways you may not even consider. Don’t want people calling to know you’re registered there, for instance, or don’t want your car to be seen from the road? Just ask, they’ll be happy to help – but YES, they ARE gossiping about why you want these things!
  6. If you want to negotiate for better rates, opt for independently owned hotels instead of chain hotels. Chain hotels often can’t or won’t negotiate rates, whereas independent hotels are far more likely to.
  7. Almost EVERYTHING is negotiable for many hotels. Have your amenities upgraded, get more perks (like a more deluxe breakfast) and more, and often all you need to do is ask.
  8. If you want to find some place to eat or a nearby tourist destination, avoid asking the concierge. They often get kickbacks for sending tourists to these locations, and the locations can be on the pricy side. Instead, ask the receptionist. Receptionists aren’t getting any sort of kickbacks, so they’re more likely to give you an honest and affordable answer.
  9. Noisy rooms really ARE annoying. The rooms aren’t as soundproof as you think. When you’re being noisy, believe us, the staff knows, they’ve already gotten complaints, and they just might send up security if you don’t knock it off!

And now you know the secrets to getting a better experience in a Beach Haven hotel! Don’t worry, they’ll be glad you know – especially if it means you’ll be paying them a visit!


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