Tree Company in Forked River Helps Protects Your Assets

For the average homeowner, a list of items that could cause the most damage to their home probably doesn’t include trees. Weather related issues like flooding and wind destruction are common fears. Along with fires, much else, including trees, takes a back seat to these dangers.  The only case where this would be appropriate is for a property that does not have any trees on it. In other cases, where even just one tree is growing anywhere near the house, trees can actually cause a lot of damage to not only the property, but the building as well. From the ground up and the top down, trees require care in order to prevent dangerous situations. If left to grow unchecked, large trees can cause significant injury to persons as well as property devastation. A tree company in Forked River, Ben Bivins Tree Experts, explain why tree care is so important.

Unhealthy Roots Cause Problems

Unhealthy trees normally stem from or lead to unhealthy roots. A healthy tree has roots that run deep underground where they stay. Roots that have all the nutrients they need in the soil do not need to push through the surface of the ground. When they do, landscaping and hardscaping quickly gets ruined. In addition to the mess and the destruction, encroaching roots cause trip and fall dangers.

Healthy Roots Give Tree Company in Forked River Jobs Too

Even trees with proper care by a professional tree company in Forked River that have healthy roots can cause problems. Trees are often planted without their final size in mind. When trees are planted too close to a house, roots can destroy a foundation as the tree grows. Certain trees are worse than others when it comes to planting within close proximity to a foundation. Species like Loblolly Pine, Red Oak, and Hickory, among many others, should be avoided because their roots grow laterally. Small ornamental trees like Japanese Maple or Flowering Dogwood trees are better choices because they have much less invasive root systems.

Falling Limbs Cause Hurt

Large, falling tree limbs can cause a lot of hurt. For one, they can cause personal bodily injury if they fall on someone walking to or from your house. Second, they can hurt your home by causing damage to your roof and compromising your roof. They can also hurt your landscape by crushing and destroying plants and shrubs below. Lastly, your wallet can be in a world of hurt trying to fix any or all of the above problems.

Healthy Trees Cared for by Tree Company in Forked River Offer Protection

While unhealthy trees can cause damage, well-cared for trees can actually offer your home protection. Large deciduous trees planted in the proper spot will shade your home from the hot summer sun. This reduces your energy bills by keeping your home cooler in the summer. A tightly planted row of conifers can work as a windbreak reducing drafts in the home. Healthy root systems also prevent soil erosion and improves soil biodiversity. Expertly manicured, professionally cared for trees protect your title for best curb appeal on the block too.

Healthy Trees Come from Professional Tree Company in Forked River

We’ve all watched the videos online of the homeowner who thinks they can remove a tree from their yard. Inevitably, it ends in disaster. Whether it be a wrecked home, a ruined vehicle, or in the worst cases, injury, it is always best to leave tree care to the professionals. Attempting to remove large limb or full trees by yourself is an extremely dangerous plan.

Tree company in Forked River protects your home from trees uprooting and landing on your roof like this one

In addition to falling pieces and damage to everything in the area, over-pruning and improper trimming can lead to a dangerous tree for a different reason. When branches grow evenly on both sides of a trunk, weight is distributed evenly, and a tree grows strong and straight. If you remove too many branches on one side, a tree may begin to lean and eventually uproot and fall. Even if you remove branches at an even amount all around the trunk, taking too many at one time may lead to tree death. Just as unhealthy trees do, dead trees often fall. When they fall, they often destroy anything in its path.

Save your trees and save your home with expert tree care by a professional tree company in Forked River.

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