Fiesta Weed Killer is Part of the Neudorff Family

When it comes to ecologically friendly, Neudorff is it. This company was founded in 1854 and has focused on nothing other than green gardening. You would be correct in saying that they are experts in the field. As stated on the company website, “The main objective in the development of new products is to solve problems in the house and garden caused by pests and plant diseases effectively and allows little impact or disruption of the family and environment.” A great example of this is Fiesta Weed Killer and it can be purchased here.Using a specially formulated iron chelate, this broadleaf weed killer is so safe that people and pets can enter the area as soon as it is dry. Plus, when used as directed, it has no expected negative effects on bees! Having a green lawn is great, but having a safe lawn is better.

The Buzz About Chelated Iron

The key to the process used by products like Fiesta Weed Killer is that the iron is treated with a chelator. What this does is keep the element in a liquid form so it is more easily taken up by the weed. Broadleaf weeds take up the iron in this form more quickly and more abundantly than other plants. The large amounts of iron kill the weed while leaving the turf unharmed. As an organic option for weed control, Fiesta is an excellent choice for playgrounds, sports fields, and parks. It not only keeps the grounds weed free, it’s safe for people, pets, and insects. The safety level is such that re-entry into the area is approved as soon as the product is dry. Another example of how safe it is for turf is that you can re-seed 24-hours after application. It’s that safe, and it works!

What Exactly Does Safe Mean?

We’ve been telling you a lot that Fiesta turf weed killer is safe. Aside from being ok for people and pets to start playing on turf as soon as the application is dry, what exactly does safe mean? Well in the case of this Neudorff product, the EPA has it registered as a biopesticide. According to the EPA, a biopesticide is something that is derived from naturally occurring substances that control pests. In addition to being deemed a biopesticide, Fiesta weed killer also boasts three additional safety qualifications. One is that it only works on the intended target. Therefore, has little to no effect on anything else. Second, there is no danger to the environment or humans when used according to the label. Lastly, as described above, Fiesta uses a non-toxic way of destroying and eliminating weeds. So, when people say Fiesta weed killer is safe, they mean it.

Safe is Great, But Does Fiesta Work?

If you would deem seeing visual effects in hours of the application a success, then we can say yes, Fiesta weed killer works. One thing that is important to note about this product is that it is effective in cool weather also. After spraying it on areas afflicted with weeds like creeping buttercup, dandelion, white clover and the like, there will be a visible darkening to brown or black of the weeds indicating death within just a few hours. For best results, a reapplication is usually recommended after approximately a month. A few other weeds Fiesta works on are bull thistle, Canada thistle, ground ivy, algae, lichens, dollar spot, and snow mold. With such a variety of weeds affected, there is almost no other product you need. When you can get results so good with one product, what more could you really want?

Fiesta Weed Killer is a Neudorff Product

The Neudorff name in gardening is well known. For years, they’ve been supplying home gardeners and professionals alike with safe, quality, sustainable products. And they work! The old myth that ecologically friendly products are over priced and don’t work are quickly being put to rest thanks to products from companies like Neudorff. Apart from all the other great qualities we’ve talked about already, because Fiesta is made from iron, there is no noxious smell during use or after. The list of positive aspects of Fiesta weed killer keeps growing the longer you research this product. For the best and safest weed control, contact Tech Terra Environmental to purchase Fiesta weed killer today!

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