ATM Vendors in NJ Offer a Few Options

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You can find ATMs in all kinds of locations nowadays.  They are no longer only found in financial institutions.  Establishments such as gas stations, convenience stores, grocery stores, and restaurants.  Providing the service of an automatic teller machine increases revenue for the business in a variety of ways.  One, by drawing in customers and increasing their likelihood of spending money in that location.  Also, by supplying customers with cash, people will be less likely to use a check as payment thereby decreasing the risk of the transaction.   In addition to this benefit, when customers rely on cash for their payments, there are fewer fees for processing credit cards.   Even with all these advantages, adding an ATM to your establishment may not be the right option for you.  It is best to speak with a few trusted ATM vendors in NJ prior to selecting one. 

What to Know Before you Call ATM Vendors in NJ

There are a few things to consider when possibly adding an ATM to your business. Some items that you want to discuss with your ATM vendor in NJ are what type of machine is best for you, will you be purchasing or leasing, and what type of service contracts do they offer if any at all.  Depending on your type of institution, these answers will vary.  Some types of establishments do best with an outdoor ATM versus a stand-alone indoor machine.  While leasing is not very popular any longer, it may be an ideal first step for you.  Finally, as with any technology, things break.  Knowing how you are going to have the machine updated and serviced are very important things to find out. We’ll be focusing on types of machines in this article.

Types of ATMs

The two main types of ATMs are free-standing machines and outdoor access machines.  Each type of machine offers different advantages to a variety of establishments.  For example, high-end restaurants or businesses may not see a large revenue increase from an indoor ATM as a majority of their clientele pays with credit cards. In comparison, a convenience store or local bar will see much higher usage from an indoor ATM especially for those establishments that don’t accept credit or debit cards.

Free Standing ATM

Even though free-standing ATMs do take up some space, it is usually fairly minimal. No construction is required for your building and indoor machines do a wonderful job of keeping your clients in-house. Keeping your clients inside your business is crucial. The last thing you want to do is send clients out the door if they need or want more cash.

Through-the-wall ATM

A through-the-wall (or TTW) ATM kind of falls right in the middle. This version of machine will demand some construction for installation as it does have to, as the name states, go through the wall. They are a bit more expensive than a free-standing machine, but take up a much smaller amount of space inside. The face of this ATM will be on the exterior of the building and is convenient for businesses on a busy street or corner. One thing to consider with this type of ATM is that businesses will most likely have to ensure there is adequate lighting and coverage over the face of the ATM so customers feel safe enough to use it.

Outdoor ATM

While an outdoor ATM can also be installed in a wall, it can also be a machine that is placed in a kiosk. With this type of machine, there is no portion of the apparatus that is inside the building. One large benefit of an outdoor ATM or a TTW ATM is that it is available for use all the time. Any indoor ATM is limited to your business hours. The unlimited access to an outdoor ATM is also one of its drawbacks. They are more susceptible to theft so if you decide on purchasing an exterior ATM, security steps must also be considered during installment. Good lighting, proper coverage, and security cameras often also need to be thought of.

Speak with Trusted ATM Vendors in NJ to Decide

Owning or leasing an ATM is a low-risk investment that normally provides a high rate of return.  In addition to providing revenue, giving your clients access to this service improves your brand as well. Any ATM vendors in NJ that are trustworthy and reliable business will be able to answer any questions you have regarding types of machines and purchasing options. The great ones will also provide maintenance and service options as well.  Ensure that any company you are considering is licensed and be sure to check reviews on the vendor also.  It is also a good idea to see if the ATM vendors in NJ that you are contemplating will provide you with a list of customers that you can contact so you can ask about their customer service and business in general.  If any vendor won’t provide you with this information, it can be a red flag. 

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